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Film Thoughts: March films

10 Cloverfield Lane Great mix of tension and mystery, I enjoyed this a lot. Not a perfect film, but I had a lot of fun watching this one. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ridiculous, messy and more or less what I was expecting after Man of Steel. If I cared about DC characters I’d … Continue reading Film Thoughts: March films

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Film Thoughts: February films

Turns out that I’m seeing a lot of films at the moment, and writing longer reviews is just making me put off blogging about them and now I have a huge backlog. So instead I’m just going to write quick summaries of the films I see each month (unless I can think of anything particularly interesting … Continue reading Film Thoughts: February films

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Film Thoughts: Dad’s Army

I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, but I was still disappointed. I’ve watched a lot of the TV series so I know the characters pretty well, but in this film they seem to be stripped back to maybe one or two facets. Captain Mainwaring is pompous. Jones is nervous. Pike acts like he’s in a film. … Continue reading Film Thoughts: Dad’s Army

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