Finished games

Complete and probably tested games!

In Our Midst

Eliminate the crew of a spaceship in this point and click adventure game based off a popular multiplayer game. You know the one.

Brian Eggs Is Lost In The Woods

This point and click adventure game is supposedly based on a true story of a time Brian Eggs got lost.

Santa Claus in A Flight To Remember

Find and repair Santa's lost presents in this short point and click adventure game.

The Search for Oceanspirit Dennis

Help Ray track down the legendary Oceanspirit Dennis in this comedic point and click adventure game.

Robbing the Princess

Join Alec and Suzy as they try to steal a ship's cargo in this short point and click adventure game.


The Captain has broken his starship and annoyed the engineer, and its up to you to get things moving again in this comic sci-fi adventure game.

Erk: Adventures in Stone Age Real Estate

A classic and comedic point-and-click adventure game set in the stone age. Estate agent Erk needs to sell a cave before sundown in order to keep his job.

Alan Saves Christmas

In this, my first finished adventure game, a mild-mannered accountant called Alan tries to find out why Santa isn't delivering toys this year.

Other games

Demos, ultra short games and abandoned projects

Little Simulated People

A tech demo of Little Simulated people - a demake of The Sims created in under a month for August 2010's MAGS competition.


My second attempt at a MAGS competition entry, which never made it past this demo.

Attack Game

Created in a single hour for a competition. The topic was 'REALLY! BAD! HORROR! MOVIE!' and the game had to include an extra interaction to those that appear in the default game template.

Roger's Juggle Quest

A very simple (and limited) remake of an old Game and Watch title staring Chris Jones' Roger sprite.