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Unfinished Sci-Fi Project

This page shows artwork from a now abandoned science fiction adventure game.

This is the exterior of the mining station the lead character is investigating. In game the 5 green lights flash and the landing bay door slides open as the ship comes into land.

(Unfinished) The lead character was a technician working for a major mining corporation. Because her ship is company-owned I wanted it to feel like cheep and van like, so the design is quite similar to a caravan. After all, who needs aerodynamics when you're in space?

(Unfinished with character added for scale). The background never made it past a few outline sketches. It would consist of the character's ship to the left, the walkway that's drawn in and a large airlock door on the right. Getting through the door would be the first puzzle as the access panel is broken. The game was going to have an electronic technician's manual that would give you information about objects you scanned - in this case providing the emergency override code for the door.

The main character went through loads of redraws, thanks mainly to the helpful people in the Adventure Game Studio critics lounge! She also changed name a couple of times, but when the project was cancelled she was called Hannah Philips.

After finishing the lead character design I had a go at drawing her from different angles and trying to animate her. Unfortunately the problems I was having with the art, coupled with some difficulties fitting puzzles to the story I wanted to tell ended up killing the project off. Maybe one day I'll find a team member who can draw and write but will let me do the programming!

Lastly a small picture of Arthur the cat. He was actually fairly important to the story, not just an Alien reference...

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