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Santa Claus in A Flight To Remember



After some distracted flying Santa has accidentally dropped several presents, and it's up to you to help him find and fix them before he can continue his deliveries. Features relaxed, Christmas-themed puzzles, a comedic storyline, and hand-drawn art and animation.

Santa Claus in A Flight To Remember is my sixth point and click adventure game, one again created with Adventure Game Studio. It was an entry for December 2021's Monthly Adventure Game Studio (MAGS) competition on the AGS forums, with the theme "Gift Trouble". It won the competition, and later went on to be voted one of two winners of MAGGIES 2021 (the best MAGS games of 2021).

This version of the game is the 'Remastered' version released for December 2022. It contains new animation, features and enhancements that I wanted to add to the original but was unable to due to time constraints. Click the first download link to visit my itch.io page where both versions of the game can be downloaded, and where a test version of the game can be found that you can play in your web browser.


Download (.zip) Alternative Download (.zip) Alternative Download (.zip)

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