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In Our Midst



"In Our Midst" is a short point'n'click adventure game paying homage to a certain popular multiplayer game. You play an alien being that has infiltrated a space ship, disguising itself as one of the crew members. You now have to eliminate the remaining crew so that you can seize control of the ship.

The game was originally supposed to be an entry for the September 2022 Monthly Adventure Game Studio (MAGS) competition with the theme 'Sometimes Evil Wins'. It was put on hold due to lack of time, but was resumed and released for the April 2024 'Finish Your MAGS Game' competition.

My aim with this game was to make something that could be easily played online and was widely accessible. For this reason I made the interface work with a single button and tried to use as little text as possible. I was inspired by online Flash adventure games, which also seemed a good fit with the original game I was referencing.


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