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The Search for Oceanspirit Dennis



The Search for Oceanspirit Dennis is my fifth point and click adventure game and the first to be made without a time limit. Consequently it's also my biggest and most polished adventure game to date. It takes place in the Oceanspirit Dennis universe, which is a shared world and set of characters created on the Adventure Game Studio forums.

Ray has been tasked with tracking down the legendary Oceanspirit Dennis. Word has it he's in the very next city, but crossing the bridge to get there might not be so easy...

Features a comedic storyline, classic point'n'click adventuring, minigames, a ton of art and animation and an unlockable director's commentary. There is also an unlockable medal system which gives you awards for performing specific actions. See if you can find them all!


Download (.zip) Alternative Download (.zip) Alternative Download (.zip)


The Search for Oceanspirit Dennis is now open source! If you want to create your own game using any of this game's code, or maybe just see how the game was built, you can download the source code below (note you will need the free Adventure Game Studio version 3.2.1 or later to open the files). Alternatively if you are interested in using the graphics or sound effects, but don't want to go through the trouble of extracting them from the source, you can grab the Resource Pack.

Download source

(the full game project)

Download resource pack

(just the graphics and sound effects)

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